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ASN Filter Designer supports ST, NXP, Cypress, Analog Devices, TI

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Sometimes clients ask us if we support their demo-board of choice. The answer is simply: yes!

200+ supported IC vendors

The ASN Filter Designer has an automatic code generator for Arm Cortex-M cores, which means that we support virtually every Arm based demo-board: ST, Cypress, NXP, Analog Devices, TI and over 200+ other manufacturers.

Automatic code generation to Arm’s CMSIS-DSP

Simply load your sensor data into the ASN Filter Designer signal analyser and perform a detailed analysis. After identifying the wanted and unwanted components of your signal, design a filter and test the performance in real-time on your test data. Export the designed design to Arm MDK, C/C++ or integrate the filter into your algorithm in another domain, such as in Matlab, Python, Scilab or Labview.

Proud ARM knowledge partner

We are proud that we are an ARM knowledge partner! As an Arm DSP knowledge partner, we will be kept informed of their product roadmap and progress for the coming years.

Read more or try the benefits of the ASN Filter Designer yourself and download the demo:

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