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Internet of Things (IoT) smart sensors: bridging the technology gap….

The internet of things (IoT) has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years, as many organisations strive to add IoT smart sensor technologies to their product portfolios. The basic paradigm centres around connecting everything to everything, and exchanging all data. This could be house hold appliances to more blue sky applications, such as smart […]

IoT Security – 21st century solutions based on 9th century concepts

The internet of things (IoT) devices have been around for a number of years now, but very few smart sensors have any decent level of data security. For many organisations the issue of data security and secure remote updates to legacy products has become of paramount importance. Unfortunately, many of the engineers who design sensor products have […]

How to get the best performance from your IoT smart sensor

It’s estimated that the global smart sensor market will have over 50 billion smart devices in 2020. At least 80% of these IoT/IIoT smart sensors (temperature, pressure, gas, image, motion, loadcells) will use Arm’s Cortex-M technology – where the largest growth is in smart Image sensors (ADAS) & smart Temperature sensors (HVAC). IoT sensor measurement […]

2018: The death of big data for IoT

With the advent of smart cities, and society’s obsession of ‘being connected’, data networks have been overloaded with thousands of IoT sensors sending their data to the cloud, needing massive and very expensive computing resources to crunch the data. Is it really a problem? The collection of all these smaller IoT data streams (from smart […]

R&D – which one does your company do?

Many hi-tech companies that we have spoken with over the years have struggled to clarify this question, and almost all say that they fall into the D category. Where many say, we’re not a University. However, upon closer examination, it would appear that many companies are actually engaged in applied research activities but don’t even […]