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The following list of international clients is just a sample of some of the companies we have successfully assisted:

"We have collaborated with Advanced Solutions Nederland who provided us with professional consultancy from the very beginning. We have had their full attention throughout the project with continuing follow ups. Conversation has been easy in spite of complexity in project. Product delivered as well as documentation were both high quality making it easy for our developers to understand and integrate." 

- Jesper Møller Sørensen 
  (Project leader, Etronic)


Success stories by industry


  • Automotive
    • Radar based cruise control.
    • Collision avoidance radar systems.
    • Speed camera radar detection systems.
    • Stochastic signal processing.
  • Consumer electronics
    • Personal audio.
    • Product design.
    • Gadgets.
  • Industrial automation
    • Analogue sensor conditioning.
    • Closed loop controllers.
    • AC/DC drives.
    • Robotics.
    • High precision DAQ systems.
    • Instrumentation.
  • Speech and Audio 
    • Noise cancellation. 
    • Speech enhancement.
    • Audio encryption.

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