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Demonstration Units

Demonstration units are a necessary step in the development cycle after your algorithm has been designed and simulated. Many of our clients like to assess real-time performance on a DSP or a computer processing ‘real signals’ in order to identify any areas of weakness. In many cases, this is achieved by combining a customisable Matlab® GUI with an external hardware ‘black box’, such that the algorithm’s parameters can be adjusted in real-time in order to see their effect on the processed dataset. This also has the added advantage of producing a high value real-time demo of their concept at very low cost – just ask our clients.

In some other cases true real-time fixed point performance and power consumption data are of paramount interest, in which case a DSP/micro-controller implementation has been employed. Rather than designing a new PCB with dedicated hardware, solutions on a standard low cost DSP evaluation board are typically employed – which saves time, money and reduces your time to market!

We have successfully proved a variety of clients with various real-time demo solutions over the years including audio, radar target tracking and stochastic signal processing. Please contact us in order to discuss your individual requirements.

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