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Test and Calibration algorithms

Test and calibration of sensors is an essential step in order to ensure that a manufacturer's specifications are met and maintained. Over the years a myriad of new types of sensors and IEC standards have appeared, increasing the manufacturer's burden of producing quality products for competitive market prices. As such, the time needed to test and calibrate a sensor has a significant effect on the product's end price. 

We offer a range of novel and computationally light algorithms for variety of sensor test and calibration applications, and have successfully helped several of our clients significantly reduce their testing times, while at the same time not compromising on their product quality. Our testing models are based on six sigma methodology, as well as other less well known powerful feature classification techniques. 

Application areas of existing customers:

  • Smart grid sensors (CT, VT) : amplitude, phase and harmonics.
  • Strain gauges and load cells.
  • Temperature sensors.
  • Multichannel AFE (analogue front end) channel equalization: ADC + analogue filters phase delay estimation.

Depending upon your application and requirements we can furnish you  with complete ready to use solutions (algorithms + test fixtures), or even algorithms that may be easily integrated into your system. Please contact us in order to discuss your individual requirements.

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