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Radar Tracking Solutions

Advanced Solutions Nederland provide a range of advanced algorithms for multiple object radar tracking applications, where clutter and multipath effects are serious limitations.  Together with our design partners we are able to provide you with a complete radar tracking solution from concept through to complete implementation.

Using our Matlab based radar tracking GUI suite, we have successfully assisted several automotive clients in assessing, customising and enhancing their radar system for a variety of traffic situations, including anti-collision avoidance systems, cruise control and traffic monitoring/enforcement systems. The use of our simulation tools on real data has proved on many occasions to significantly reduce development costs and identify any weaknesses in the system, while at the same time speeding up time to market.

Radar Tracking Demo

A demo of a typical automotive tracking application is shown below for a three car scenario. As seen, two cars are approaching from the right at different speeds (shown as #1 and #2) and a third car (on the other side of the road, shown as #3) is approaching the first two cars from the left. Notice that despite the tracking gates (shown as green/red rectangles) overlapping as all three car pass one another, the three tracks are clearly maintained, demonstrating the robustness of the data association algorithm.

Find out more about radar tracking

Whether you require feasibility advice, proof of concept or a fully integrated product solution, we offer a comprehensive range of radar tracking solutions for a variety of automotive and aerospace applications. Please contact us in order to discuss your individual requirements.

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