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SensorPro: Advanced analogue sensor conditioning & data acquisition module

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  • 24-bit sigma-delta ADC.
  • 100-10,000 SPS data rate.
  • Excellent DC performance.
  • 4 fully differential analogue inputs (±10v).
  • 1 current/voltage analogue output (± 0.1%).
  • 0.1-10,0000 software/hardware gain.
  • 32-bit embedded real-time signal processing.
  • On board low noise power supply.
  • EEPROM (standalone applications).
  • Win32 driver support.
  • Windows SDK available.
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The SensorPro module is Advanced Solutions Nederland's newest advanced sensor conditioning and analysis module that integrates 24-bit data acquisition and embedded real time signal processing functionality into a single product. A simple to use Windows DLL provides a PC interface via USB/RS232 to the SensorPro module allowing the experimenter to integrate the module's embedded functionality easily into their Matlab, C/C++ or .NET application without having to understand complicated Windows drivers.   The SensorPro module is ideally suited for laboratory analysis but can be easily configured for standalone/demo sensor applications requiring real time signal processing by virtue of the module's on board non-volatile memory feature.

The SensorPro module provides you with a complete standalone signal conditioning system, allowing you to demonstrate your sensor application to your customer simply and cost effectively.

Typical Example (loadcell analysis)

Constant load analysis real-time data plot: result of 50Hz interference
and noise component cancellation shown in red.


SensorPro brochure:   pdf logo
SKF sensor technology seminar presentation:   pdf logo


Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your individual requirements.

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