IoT for Safe and Efficient Public infrastructure

5 Benefits IOT on infrastructure

5 Benefits of IoT for Public infrastructure:

  • A longer lifetime for your equipment with Preventive maintenance
  • Better performance, better results within the same budget
  • Better serve your clients: less delay due to timely maintenance
  • Communication between your assets
  • A safe and secure infrastructure

IoT sensors have become an everyday part of our life, whether a smart thermostat, fridge or a smart energy meter, sensor data must be first cleaned and analysed in order to make reliable decisions. These challenges have been further complicated by the popularity of smart cities, as public infrastructure urban planners are faced with a prolific amount of sensor data as well as concerns posed by hackers or terrorists who may hijack a system and cause chaos. In all cases, security and data integrity are paramount in providing public infrastructure systems with both control and credible information that can be acted upon.

Sensor data (audio, pressure, temperature, weight, etc) have to be measured.

However, most sensor signals are disturbed by:

  • Powerline interference and glitches.
  • Environmental factors (including: dust and other contaminants).

ASN Consultancy is the modern way of working of algorithm design to separate the wanted sensor signals from the undesirable unwanted signals. So, you can analyse and take action on clean and accurate sensor data. Read more: ASN condition monitoring