Develop using the latest IoT hardware/software to cut costs and improve your process

When looking at undertaking a NPD (new product development) it’s always tempting to take short cuts in order make the development more attractive to management or a client. Something that we hear a lot from clients that approach us for help is:

“If we had the budget and time, of course we’d do it properly. “

The problem with this, is that after doing this several times, it becomes the norm, and taking short cuts and in order to potentially save money usually leads to more problems in the long run.

Benefits of New Product Development with ASN

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  • Build better products. Use the latest technology in your new product development process.
  • Shorter time to market. Build protoypes using advanced software. You do not have to ‘over engineer’ products.
  • Improve your product development process using ASN’s advanced skills.
  • Build custom algorithms for your clients.
  • Take control of your delivery process. Develop your business service in a structured way.
  • Improve your innovative skills. Use solutions which weren’t possible until now!
  • Improve customer satisfaction using more consistent and modern products and services.
  • Become a technology leader by working with ASN; an IoT partner of industry leader ARM.
Smart Cities

How to reduce maintenance programme costs, improve safety and improve customer satisfaction?

What are the challenges?

Typical challenges faced by assets managers include:

  • How to measure mechanical component fatigue?
  • How to assess electrical wiring health?
  • How to reduce overall operating costs, but not comprise on public safety?
  • Risks posed by hackers & terrorists
  • Asset damage due to vandalism
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ASN Preventative Maintenance (PM) aims to solve the aforementioned problems by acting pre-emptively. This is achieved by constantly monitoring the performance of critical components (usually with sensors) and then alerting the maintenance team that a component is about to fail. The asset management team can then schedule maintenance in order to replace the failing component(s) with minimum disruption to the public, and overall lower operational costs.

Control and improve critical components in your waterworks and railway infrastructure

Challenges in Water and Rail infrastructure

  • Many parts of the infrastructure are decades old, and have high maintenance costs
  • Preventative maintenance of components (motor, chain, wiring, jackscrew, etc) is required to reduce costs and maintain safety
  • Less service disruptions and customer complaints
  • No control of assets, and so no idea if assets are working properly
  • New analysis methods required, as existing infrastructure cannot be dismantled for installation of traditional sensors
  • Most of the infrastructure has been built when security was not an issue. This makes the infrastructure an easy target for hackers and terrorists

Automate the tasks of trained medical staff for home users

What are the challenges?

  •  Tightening of health system budgets
  •  Higher treatment costs due to an aging population
  •  Long patient waiting times
  •  Protection of patient medical data from hackers

Product developers

Challenges Product developers
  • Automating tasks of trained medical personnel
  • Validating test results without a physician
  • Obtaining accurate analytics suitable for medical use
  • Knowledge of advanced signal processing methods
  • Automatically calibrating biomedical sensors
  • High costs of conducting clinical trials with the new device
  • Ease of use by home users
  • Liability
Smart Cities

Get the best results out of your IoT infrastructure: design , maintenance and innovation

ASN Smart algorithms & technology can offer the IoT approach & results you need.

Over the past 23 years, ASN has successfully helped many international organisations with their data analysis, IoT algorithms and succesful implementations into embedded systems.

  • 62 Tried & tested IP blocks that are used worldwid
  • eBuilt in partnership with ARM Cortex-M technology
  • ARM processors are used in 80% IoT devices, including your devices)
  • Agile new product development processes
  • Biomedical ECG, EMG, Lab-on-chip and vital life signs
  • High precision gas and flow rate measurement solutions
  • And much more…ask us for more detailed information about your project!

We help farmers make smart decisions about how and when to harvest their crops

There are many reasons why IoT is the future way of farming. Of course, farmers themselves and buyers for companies want to have the greatest yields with the best quality as possible. But there is more: with an increasing world population with increasingly scarce natural resources, smart farming is an essential way to guarantee that this population can be fed in the years to come.

Challenges for famers and food producers

  • How can I prevent bad yields?
  • How can I reduce costs of growing?
  • When is the optimal time to harvest my crops?
  • How can I reduce loss of quality when transporting my produce?
  • How can I track my produce during shipping?

Where small data meets big data

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To decide which is the best crop to grow on a plot of land, small and big data are key. With sensors (small data) you can measure the circumstances in the field itself, such as: water level, heat, nutrition value of the soil.
Combining little sensor data with our big data solutions allows you to:

  • Obtain growth data from thousands of other farmers: act upon knowledge of thousands other farmers with similar conditions to learn which crop to sow where, expected yields and when to yield
  • Access to temperature and weather forecasts for the whole growing season
  • Weather forecast for the coming days: do you know if irrigation, drainage is necessary or you can wait for the rain of a period of drought which are expected in a few days
  • find out if possible plagues are coming your way, so you may take precaution

Our partners:

Patented IoT/IIoT Solutions & Technology for

Public Infrastucture

Control and improve critical components in your waterworks and railway infrastructure

Smart Cities

Reduce energy and maintenance costs using clever IoT concepts for your city


Automate the taks of trained medical staff for home users

Smart Farming

We help farmers to make smart decisions about how and when to harvest your crop

ASN Filter Designer

Cut development time by up to 75% with our powerful DSP experimentation platform for IoT/IIoT sensor signal processing

Motor Health Care manager

Save up to 51% on your maintenance costs with our Preventative Maintenance solutions based on safe contactless sensor measurement, and optimise the life expectancy of your industrial motor

Ultrasonic Oil Caretaker

Minimise service disruption with our ultra-safe and contactless ultrasonic oil quality measurement solutions, that checks for contaminants and reduction in lubrication performance


Use our IP blocks to clean and enhance pertinent biometric data suitable for your ECG, EMG and Lab-on-a-chip, vital life signs application, and automate the tasks of trained medical personnel for home users

GPR Radar

State-of-art GRP (ground penetrating radar) and sensor solutions for helping farmers determine the best time for harvesting their crops

Smart Lighting

Cut high energy and maintenance costs by up to 70%, and implement an easy to manage Preventative Maintenance programme suitable for a complete city


Implement IoT/IIoT sensor algorithms and analytics with over 62 IP blocks and protect your assets with military grade security, all within a single module

IoT/IIoT Security

Protect your assets from hackers and terrorists with our range of flexible security models (up to military grade) for IoT/IIoT applications

Praise for our products:

“The ASN Filter Designer is a powerful DSP experimentation platform”

ARM/Keil, GermanyARM

“Advanced Solutions Nederland’s  biomedical workshop is a great example of how our BSc. students can get hands on involvement of an innovative product, that is set to advance the development of biomedical signal analysis and filter design”

Dr. Ir. Bert-Jan van Beijnum
Dr. Ir. Bert-Jan van BeijnumAssistant professor, University of Twente, NL

“An outstanding digital filter design application that appears to be the Swiss Army Knife of filter design software packages”

Rick Lyons
Rick LyonsAuthor of Understanding Digital Signal ProcessingRick’s blog on DSP Releated

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