Two new C and C# code generators added to ASN Filter Designer v5

ASN Filter Designer v5 is based on feedback and recommendations from over 131 users, who reported that they required efficient C code for implementing their designed filter cascade on embedded platforms (such as Arm, ESP32 and RISC-V). Also requested were more tutorials, IDE help and more reference designs for building biomedical applications.

Achieving the best possible results in a painless and efficient way

ASN Filter Designer v5 helps you with easy-to-use code generators for C, Matlab, Python and C#, that allows fast and efficient application development. The new ANSI C SDK framework is highly efficient and hardware agnostic, supporting a variety of embedded platforms.

Now, you can deploy your filtering application directly from within the tool to any STM32, Arduino, ESP32, PIC32, Beagle Bone and other Arm, RISC-V, MIPS microcontroller. This offers you an affordable solution for nearly all types of microcontrollers, where we put our 25 years of experience as DSP experts ‘into the box’, allowing you to focus on your application, rather than breaking your head with implementation details.

37 product improvements

The ASN filter designer v5 comes with over 37 product improvements, including:

  • 7% performance increase.
  • Two new code generators to C and C#.
  • AI based project code generation wizard with step-by-step help and guidance.
  • More application notes and examples for biomedical applications (ECG, EMG) and deploying C code to embedded platforms.
  • Extra data analysis markers for more intuitive data analysis.
  • Biomedical examples: ECG (Pan-Tompkins), HRV tracking, linear phase 50/60Hz notch filter.
  • Much more flexibility from ASN FilterScript, including the ability to independently program the primary and secondary filters.
  • Improvements to the Arm CMSIS code generator for the Cortex-M0/M0+, M3, M4, M7, M33 and M55 (AI processor) devices, including double precision floating point support for IIR filters.

Besides, ASN filter designer v5 has a new look and feel to the user interface.

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