DC component remover


Hd = dcremover (Fc, DFormat)


Implements a first order IIR highpass filter (DC component remover), defined in general as:

\(\displaystyle H(z)=G\times\Big(\frac{1-z^{-1}}{1-\alpha z^{-1}}\Big)\)

Defining this alpha filter in terms of a cut-off frequency, \(w_c\),

\(\displaystyle H(z)=\frac{1}{w_c+1} \bigg( \frac{1-z^{-1}} {1+\frac{w_c-1}{w_c+1} z^{-1}} \bigg) = \frac{1-z^{-1}}{(w_c+1)+(w_c-1)z^{-1}}\)

Fc: -3dB cut-off frequency, given by: \(w_c = \tan (\frac{\pi F _c}{f s}) \)

DFormat: allows you to specify the display format of resulting digital filter object.

symbolic Display a symbolic representation of the filter object.
numeric Display a matrix representation of the filter object
void Create a filter object, but do not display output


[code language=”java”]ClearH1; // clear primary filter from cascade
ShowH2DM; // show DM on chart



Num = getnum(Hd); // define numerator coefficients
Den = getden(Hd); // define denominator coefficients
Gain = getgain(Hd); // define gain

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