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Automotive is one of most important sectors in the development of IoT. This interest comes from Industry as Consumers as well. That’s why governments in Europe and elsewhere are supporting these new developments.


  • A longer lifetime for your equipment with Preventive maintenance
  • Be in control and optimize your processes
  • Optimize your just-in-time management and get more value by delivering garantuees
  • Increase security for your cargo and your equipment

A longer lifetime for your equipment with Preventive maintenance

With IoT, you can create new ways of automotive and do more within the same budget. Automotive is an industry which deals with heavy circumstances like dust, wind, heat and pressure. So, it’s important to recognize if the equipment is still working properly.  With IoT, you can predict and prevent equipment failure by monitoring product wear and replacement rates.  As such, you improve the reliability of your assets and reduce downtime. And if you recognize little faults, you can solve them easily before they have become big and expensive problems.

Be in control and optimise your processes and increase value

On the other hand, you can add value for yourself and for your clients as well by monitor and interconnect your devices. To monitor and control one device in itself (like the development of self-driving cars). But also IoT delivers new possibilities to interconnect automotive in other grids. An example: a smart grid, where an office notices that a visitor will arrive in some minutes and already appoints a parking place to this visitor. By creating a network in which you know which device is on which location, you can optimize your just-in-time management and get more value by being able to deliver guarantees to your clients.


Security has long time being disregarded, but is becoming one of the more important issues in Automotive. And with reason: think about the hack on harbour terminals

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