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Deploying AI based CbM applications: challenges and algorithmic solutions

Unexpected equipment failures can be expensive and potentially catastrophic, resulting in unplanned production downtime, costly replacement of parts and safety and environmental concerns. With many factories and process control plants facing an ever-increasing shortage of experienced personnel, many are now looking for AI based systems to replace the ‘experienced old guy’ who knows everything about […]

Proud member KPN Fieldlab Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven

Connecting society with 5G In 2020, KPN opened a 5G Fieldlab on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven. This fieldlab focusses on smart industry, where different use cases show the possibilities of 5G for manufacturing. With its BIC partners, KPN has set up Smart Industry project with the new generation of mobile network technology. […]

The roll-out to 5G: enabler for Industry 4.0

Since the end of July 2020, KPN has renewed its mobile network which enables 5G. KPN is rapidly expanding coverage throughout the Netherlands. Business customers and entrepreneurs can already make use of special 5G services. To see tomorrow’s digital highway in action, since 5G is one of the enablers for smart industry 3.5 GHz frequency […]

When you see humidity is too high, damage is already done

There are a number of ways humidity causes damage in your building because its level is too high, as: Look for signs of allergies from anyone in the building such as worsening hay fever sneezing or post nasal drip Fog on indoor windows Mold growth; moldy or dusty smell Damp spots, e.g., on ceilings or […]


How Humidity affects Asthma

Humidity is a measure of how much water or moisture there is in the air. Many people with asthma have more complaints when the air is humid. When people speak about humidity, they actually talk about ‘relative humidity’. This is the percentage water in the air, compared to the maximum amount of water the air […]