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Industry 4.0: Asset Track and Trace

When considering an asset track and trace IoT application in a factory or warehouse, many think of the well-established Barcode or QR code. Although this technology is firmly embedded into modern society as a reliable, low cost and easy to understand pillar for tracking and tracing assets, many companies were quick to adopt the technology […]

Classical IIR filter design: a practical guide

IIR (infinite impulse response) filters are generally chosen for applications where linear phase is not too important and memory is  limited. They have been widely deployed in audio equalisation, biomedical sensor signal processing, IoT/IIoT smart sensors and high-speed telecommunication/RF applications and form a critical building block in algorithmic design. Advantages Low implementation footprint: requires less […]

Stage/bijverdienste Product Design student HBO/WO (€400 per maand)

Omschrijving stage Wil jij een nieuw product ontwerpen voor veelbelovende IoT producten? Van schets tot de daadwerkelijke verkoop? Photoshop, productontwerp, 3d tekenen, en het daadwerkelijk uitvoeren van een demo-behuizing en opzet? Heb jij ervaring met design in 3D, van schets, brochure tot daadwerkelijk demo-model? Dan zoeken wij jou! De werkzaamheden betreffen het meewerken aan de ontwikkeling van […]

How to export designed IIR/FIR filters to Matlab

For many IoT sensor measurement applications, an IIR or FIR filter is just one of the many components needed for an algorithm. This could be a powerline interference canceller for a biomedical application or even a simpler DC loadcell filter. In many cases, it is necessary to integrate a filter into a complete algorithm in […]

Implementing Biquad IIR filters with the ASN Filter Designer and the Arm CMSIS-DSP software framework

Infinite impulse response (IIR) filters are useful for a variety of sensor measurement applications, including measurement noise removal and unwanted component cancellation, such as powerline interference. Although several practical implementations for the IIR exist, the Direct form II Transposed structure offers the best numerical accuracy for floating point implementation. However, when considering fixed point implementation […]

Deploying legacy analog filters to Arm Cortex-M processor cores

In recent years, major microcontroller IC vendors such as: ST, NXP, TI, ADI, Atmel/Microchip, Cypress, Maxim to name but a few have based their modern 32-bit microcontrollers on Arm’s Cortex-M processor cores. This exciting trend means that algorithms traditionally undertaken in expensive DSPs (digital signal processors) can now be integrated into a powerful low-cost and […]

How drones fuel ‘smart air’: The eye in the sky

Besides delivery, drones are already used as an ‘eye in the sky’. Or, with a ultrawide band radar attached to the drone, you can fly the drone wherever you want, maybe land the drone and start measuring. For instance: It helps farmer to get higher yields by giving them a literal overview which spots on […]


How drones fuel ‘smart air’: Delivery drones

Where ‘smart traffic’ has already 417 billion hits on google, I only found ‘smart air’ for a kind of door lock and ‘smart drone’ for an advanced toy drone. But definitely, drones are so hot that they will become part of something called ‘smart air’. The SESAR project predicts that drones will make 250 billion […]


How to measure preventative maintenance

Typical challenges faced by assets managers include: How to measure mechanical component fatigue? How to assess electrical wiring health? How to reduce overall operating costs, but not comprise on public safety? Risks posed by hackers & terrorists Asset damage due to vandalism Preventative Maintenance aims to solve the aforementioned problems by acting pre-emptively. This is […]