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Preventative motor maintenance:
save up to 51% of your maintenance budget!

Industrial induction motors are found everywhere: Lifts, escalators, cable cars, water sluices, cranes, and even washing machines etc. Motors form the backbone of these devices. Since they are mission critical, a failure of a motor may disrupt the whole production line, crippling your precious infrastructure as a whole. As an example: if the motor fails […]

Converting analog filters into their digital equivalents

Upgrading legacy designs based on analog filters Analog filters have been around since the beginning of electronics, ranging from simple inductor-capacitor networks to more advanced active filters with op-amps. As such, there is a rich collection of tried and tested legacy filter designs for a broad range of sensor measurement applications. However, with the performance […]

Why motor producers should care about their life expectancy

Motor producers are beginning to see that they can add value through preventative maintenance. However, when we speak to motor producers, sometimes companies begin to laugh when we ask them if they deliver health care monitoring through sensors to their customers already. They think that preventative maintenance is an enemy of their motor production: “if […]


ASN Filter Designer supports all Arm Cortex-M demo-boards

Sometimes clients ask us if we support their Arm Cortex-M based demo-board of choice. The answer is simply: yes! 200+ IC vendors supported The ASN Filter Designer has an automatic code generator for Arm Cortex-M cores, which means that we support virtually every Arm based demo-board: ST, Cypress, NXP, Analog Devices, TI, Microchip/Atmel and over […]


ASP vs DSP – which one do I choose for my IoT application?

The sensor measurement challenge Sensors come in all type of shapes and forms…There are sensors for audio, pressure, temperature, weight, strain, light, humidity…the list is almost endless. The challenge for most, is that many sensors used in these IoT measurement applications require filtering in order to improve the performance of the sensor’s measurement data in […]


Drones and DC motor control

  Drones and DC motor control – How the ASN Filter Designer can save you a lot of time and effort Drones are one of the golden nuggets in IoT. No wonder, they can play a pivotal role in congested cities and far away areas for delivery. Further, they can be a great help to […]

All-pass filter

All-pass filters All-pass filters provide a simple way of altering/improving the phase response of an IIR without affecting its magnitude response. As such, they are commonly referred to as phase equalisers and have found particular use in digital audio applications. In its simplest form, an All-pass  filter can be constructed from a first order transfer […]

All-pass Peaking/Bell filter

A Bell or Peaking filter is a type of audio equalisation filter that boosts or attenuates the magnitude of a specified set of frequencies around a centre frequency in order to perform magnitude equalisation. As seen in the plot in the below, the filter gets its name from the shape of the its magnitude spectrum […]