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Covid-19: UK had 1 week headstart, but failed to act

The Covid-19 virus has forced European governments to order millions to lockdown in the hope of limiting the spread of the virus, based on ‘expert scientific advice’.  The latest recent review of WHO data by Dutch data modelling specialist, Advanced Solutions Nederland (ASN) reveals that the UK could of adverted strain on services and avoided […]

Covid-19: Netherlands – a disastrous combination of events

The Netherlands is regarded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as one the richest countries in the world, with high life expectancy, good infrastructure and a liberal society.  The Dutch have historically been traders, learning multiple foreign languages and trading with the whole world – a practice that is still continued to this date. The […]


ASN Filter Designer IP blocks now available via ARM-Keil!

Advanced Solutions Nederland is happy to announce that the ASNFD filtering Arm MDK5 software pack now avalailable for download! The filtering pack provides MDK users with an easy way of ASN’s IP. Keil MDK is the most comprehensive software development solution for Arm-based microcontrollers. For MDK, additional software components and support for microcontroller devices is provided […]

DSP Filter Design simplified

UI experience 2020 pack After downloading the ASN Filter Designer, most people just want to play with the tool, in order to get a feeling of whether it works for them. But how do you get started with the ASN Filter Designer? Based on some great user feedback, ASNFD v4.4 now comes with the UI […]


Smart Water: Less delay due to timely maintenance

There is an increasing use of the water infrastructure, while the current demand is already adjacent to the existing capacity. However, space for physical expansion is limited. On the other hand, there is a tightening of budgets, while maintenance of water infrastructure comes with high costs. Huge cost savings as well as reducing public inconvenience […]

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A-weighting equalisation: Designing and deploying to Arm Cortex-M devices

Modern embedded processors, software frameworks and design tooling now allow engineers to apply advanced measurement concepts to smart factories as part of the I4.0 revolution. In recent years, PM (predictive maintenance) of machines has received great attention, as factories look to maximise their production efficiency while at the same time retaining the invaluable skills of […]


Power Blackouts: jargon buster

Energy companies have struggled for years with meeting demand with supply with society’s increasing demand for energy. This been made even more challenging with more people using electric vehicles and smart cities demanding more lighting. Modern IoT sensors and smart grid solutions help energy companies and consumers improve and optimize the modern grid for the […]


IoT Real-time dataset analysis with 5G: the big challenges

5G’s claim of ultra-low latency, and suitability for real-time edge processing has created a fever of interest in the IoT market. But what does Real-time dataset analysis really mean for your IoT application? It’s estimated that the global smart sensor market will have over 50 billion smart devices in 2020. All of these IoT smart […]

How to export designed IIR/FIR filters to Python

For many IoT sensor measurement applications, an IIR or FIR filter is just one of the many components needed for an algorithm. This could be a powerline interference canceller for a biomedical application or even a simpler DC loadcell filter. In many cases, it is necessary to integrate a filter into a complete algorithm in […]